The Tides Within Us

Where does the living body begin and where does it end? Through this series of 6 limited edition prints, see the flow of oxygen through the branching ecosystem of the human body as the boundaries between humans and the environment dissolve.

Release Date
Six large scale Images
Print Specifications
Giclee Print on Hahnemüle Photo Rag Paper
Available in various sizes

The series of prints explores different areas of the body, from hand to head, to highlight the way oxygen diffuses through every pour of our being.

If we think of ourselves as neatly bounded things as we are often encouraged to do in a reductive materialist society and culture, then we tend to perceive of all the ‘non living’ elements that we depend on like oxygen or water as not alive and ourselves as alive. But actually we depend more on these elements traditionally thought of as non living, these physical fluids, such as oxygen or water, as these are great animating forces that are key to the systems of our bodies. Our bodies are not closed systems, our bodies are in constant interchange with our surroundings, and breath is one of the simplest way to think about these flows and cycles, and one of the easiest way to think about softening the edges of ourselves – Interview extract with Merlin Sheldrake 


Marshmallow Laser Feast in collaboration with Erik Ferguson.

Erik Ferguson is a half Scottish, half Norwegian CG artist and director, living and working from Bergen, Norway. Ferguson’s body of work departs from more mainstream CG art in that he depicts textures and tactility that are unsettling to most, largely focusing on organic realism inspired by nature. There is a strong organic presence in all of his work, often involving skin or skin-tissue moving in a realistic manner, detached from its natural surroundings

Exhibition History

2023/2024 Works of Nature, at ACMI, Melbourne, Australia (23 Nov – 14 Apr)

2023 Opera Narodowa, Warsaw, Poland (12 Oct – 10 Dec)

2022 Geneva International Film Festival, Geneva, Switzerland (04 Nov – 13 Nov)

2022 Tribeca Film Festival, New York, United States (10 Jun – 19 Jun)

2019/2020 The State of Us, The Lowry, Manchester (9 Nov – 23 Feb)