Sweet Dreams

Playful, satirical and surreal, Sweet Dreams is our newest multi-sensory experience taking over AVIVA Studios at Factory International this summer. The immersive multimedia narrative driven show invites audiences to explore their place in the food chain wrapping big ideas about appetite and desire into a surreal pop package.

[ IMG. - 001 ] Chicky Ricky

Audiences enter the world of the Real Good Chicken Company, a fast-food empire in decline and meet Chicky Ricky, their mascot grappling with an uncertain future. Unfolding over a series of experiential and meticulously crafted interactive rooms in the vast Warehouse space at AVIVA Studios, audiences follow Chicky Ricky on his quest to understand what people really want.

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Chicky Ricky, voiced by actor and comedian Munya Chawawa, and a glut of other characters – including shelved mascot Penny Peckish, voiced by comedian and impressionist Morgana Robinson and The Boss voiced by comedian Reggie Watts – takes audiences through a mesmerising blend of motion graphics, illustration, gaming and cinema that moves between the tantalising and the grotesque, the nightmarish and the hilarious.


Sweet Dreams holds a cartoon mirror on our world. MLF is serving up a story where audiences can deepen their connection to the food they eat. Aiming to spark further conversations about our place in the food chain, via chirpy cartoon faces that often are the gatekeepers to the things we consume.


Not shying away from big questions about food, consumerism and desire, audiences are  guided through a dark yet playful story illustrated by renowned French artist McBess (Matthieu Bessudo). Throughout the 60-minute show, Sweet Dreams goes from decadent feasts to mass-produced mediocrity, with each scene offering a glimpse into the complexities of modern consumption, challenging audiences to confront their own relationship with food.


Employing a wealth of creative disciplines that span design, digital media, performance, puppeteering and sculpture, Sweet Dreams navigates audiences through new sensory perspectives. Incorporating online phenomena such as Mukbang ASMR and utilising cutting edge AI tools and motion capture technology, the show is the culmination of years of innovative work from MLF. 

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Commissioned by Factory International, developed and funded by the BFI’s Filmmaking Fund and created in collaboration with award-winning writer and former chef Simon Wroe, this playful new interactive artwork wraps big questions about how and what we consume into a comic, immersive pop package.


Sweet Dreams is the second collaboration between Factory International and MLF following Dream, a live online theatre show set in the midsummer forest of Shakespeare’s play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.



DATES: 11 July – 1 September

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